Importance of the Light food for dinner

Every meal that we take has its own importance, breakfast starts your day with energy, and lunch helps to again re-fuel your body’s system and lets you take some few minutes break from your hectic work schedule. Dinner the last meal of day, also holds much importance as you won’t eat again for next 8-10 hours.

Some people skip dinner to lose their weight but have you ever thought skipping dinner can cause many health related problems. Let me take you through some of the reasons. Your body needs a supply of glucose to make sure you fuel your body while you are sleeping. Do you ever know many people wake up at night some call it insomnia; reason behind is that your body lacks the essential sugars in the blood. With empty stomach how can you get a good night’s sleep?  . It becomes a necessity to eat a dinner which is rich in proteins to make sure there is release of glucose into the blood stream.

Let me discuss here what all you need not to eat at the dinner time:

  • It is advisable to take time to relax and then enjoy your dinner slowly as it lets your body digest the nutrients properly. Avoid eating carbohydrates or any other high calorie food at dinner time as it may unnecessarily add some extra pounds in your weight.
  • Never ever try to eat too late in the evening as your body needs some time to digest food before going to bed. Once you had dinner immediately if you go for sleep it may turn whatever you have eaten into fat as your body goes into relax mode after you sleep.
  • Those who have this wrong notion that by consuming alcohol along with dinner may help you fall asleep fast. This assumption is not correct, don’t try to consume any stimulant with dinner i.e. alcohol, caffeine as it may not help you get a good night’s sleep
  • Avoid fatty foods that too especially late at night and if you have indigestion problem then it may be hard for you to digest the food.

Now you may be thinking if above food items are avoided then what to eat. The answer to this is simply go for light food for dinner time. Here you can take a look at what the light food for dinner time should contain?

  • An ideal low calorie dinner should be enriched with food items that are quite substantial and also light.
  • The dinner menu should be rich with fresh vegetables (either steamed), lean meat like chicken and some portion of the whole grain / brown bread are great for dinner.
  • Consider fresh fruit bowl as well. Don’t add dressings which are rich in cream cheese, mayonnaise or margarine.
  • Other choice is that go for soups or salads which can also make you feel full.

The above light food ideas may certainly help you more to choose healthy dinner options for your diet. As it is well said “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.

Here are some of the light food dinner recipes which you can enjoy:

Orange Mango Braised Fish with Lime Coconut Quinoa

Orange Mango Braised Fish with Lime Coconut Quinoa

Here fish is prepared by braising process which needs it to cook in small amounts of liquid. Also the juice is squeezed fresh with hands so that it can retain all of its freshness and flavors. It does not contain any preservatives and other high calories agents hence making it suitable to eat for dinner.

Miso Glazed Salmon Recipe with Snap Peas :

Miso Glazed Salmon Recipe with Snap Peas

It makes use of salmon fillets which are cooked in a large bowl, then whisked together are the miso, maple syrup, mirin, ginger and sesame oil. For the recipe directions and methods visit the above URL.

There is one truth if you have taken substantial meal for lunch then you may not want to eat something for the supper. It’s better to choose something very light for the dinner mostly when you had heavy lunch.


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