Do You Know Ways to Keep Guacamole Fresh as Ever?

keep guacamole fresh

There are many guacamole recipes like Knorr Guacamole recipe  and Chow Guacamole recipe, available over the web but making the one meeting your taste buds is a matter of question. Selecting good ripe avocados is another easy way out and lets you make a perfect guacamole formula. While preparing party recipe for Mother’s day I was unable to keep guacamole fresh for the longer time as they were ruined due to poor storage. Guys keeping guacamole for longer is not an easy task, it needs a lot of technique and tips which I have shared here. But for many the matter of worry is how can the guacamole once prepared remain green and fresh until next two or three days.

Some methods, which actually don’t work is like keeping avocado in the bowl and then using a plastic wrap on its top and also lime but this method doesn’t work now. It usually happens that the guacamole turns brown, and you have to take off some part of it to get the good one out.

The reason why this method doesn’t work now is that earlier plastic material was made such that it did not allow the air to penetrate but nowadays plastic come with transparency and they allow air to go through it, hence spoiling the whole avocados.

After lots of research and study on the web I found one of the best method that actually works is simply do one thing you need to cover guacamole with a thin layer of water.

It may sound odd to say add water layer to the guacamole. But reality is that water acts as a perfect barrier and doesn’t allow oxygen to penetrate through it. But make sure you add it in small amounts and not in large amounts as it may then spoil your guacamole. You just have to refrigerate it for more than two days say up to three days. So even after three days you can surprisingly find your guacamole fresh and as green as it was earlier.  Simply take the water out and then stir up guacamole and you may find its texture is intact.

You can find that after refrigeration it tastes much better even if it was made past two days back. You can notice that cilantro and onion flavors may certainly blend well together.

Steps to keep guacamole fresh.

  1. Once you are done with the process of making the guacamole in a bowl. Use a tight-fitted lid to make sure it’s packed tightly in the bowl. Make sure air goes off.
  2. Now drop in lukewarm water to make sure it’s quantity is not large otherwise whole guacamole will get spoiled. The water should cover the guacamole surface.
  3. Place the lid and then let it refrigerate for 3 days.
  4. Whenever you want to eat it anytime take the lid off and then pour the water out of the bowl.
  5. Then you can stir it up to make sure extra moisture is there.

Also I would like to share an article with you all which briefed me on how to make the best guacamole. Here after reading my post you get all the information required for guacamole, how to make it and how to keep it fresh. I think now my efforts will surely prove beneficial to the readers. You may find many recipes for guacamole in Google but this information about how to keep it fresh is rarely available.


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