Mistakes while Making Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable recipes mistakes -whatisforcookingHey the spring is over now is the time for summers. Apart from shopping summer collection of clothes for my entire family I have to make the preparation for summer dishes for my family. As the weather changes so does it makes us to adopt the changes in our lifestyle and eating habits. I have started to make up these changes in my cooking as well. While I generally prefer to cook seasonal vegetables as they arrive and make sure my family is nourished with natural nutrients.

Last year I made the mistakes in cooking vegetables, I have here noted down all of them one by one. This time I will make sure that none of these are repeated.

  1. Adding too much Salt: Cooking vegetables is somewhat different in the beginning they look so much in quantity so I used to add salt as per the amount in the pan. But once they are covered by lid they become watery and release enough water and hence I end up adding too much salt. It’s better always to add salt once the vegetables in the side dish are partially cooked.
  2. Too much Soggy: If you intend to use chick peas in your vegetable dish make sure they are a little bit dryer and less soggy. They may turn soggy if you add more water or overcook them. Spread them on the baking sheet so that the water is absorbed and then you can refrigerate them.
  3. Use of Mushy Meat type: Make sure the meat type you use is not mushy that you may or may not use in the vegetable dishes that is all up to your recipe. You can place the meat in the baking sheet and then bake them for 5 minutes for making them crispier. If you are undone with the meat it may spoil your whole dish.
  4. Lumps in vegetable Gravy: Continuous whisking is required otherwise you may end up into cooking something a lumpy dish. Lumps occur when ingredients are added at an early stage and when you are not done with partial cooking of vegetables Or else you added the ingredients at high temperature. This way adding ingredients at such a time makes them loose their flavors and you end up something without taste. Knowing when and what to add will help you get the best dish served at the dinner table.
  5. Making it too Bland: Make sure you add right mix of spices like Italian herbs, Cajun & taco seasoning whatever you find goes with the ingredients of your dish. At times you can add lemon, lime, and orange to make your dish look good.
  6. Turn your sour dish to sweet one: At times you may not add right mix of spices like more quantity of red chili goes into the dish. It may turn it hotter its better add carrots, pinch of sugar, few drops of honey, yogurt which can make your dish a normal one. Make sure spices are added in right amount as per the quantity.

This summer I’m surely not going to give a second chance to all the above mistakes which I used to make while cooking vegetables. Hopefully you would be aware about these mistakes. Yet your comments and feedback will appreciate me more to come with more ideas for vegetable recipes.


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