Skip These Blunders While Making Pastas

Cooking pasta is not mere putting it into hot water. There is much more to it. My mom used to make mouthwatering pastas when I was a kid and every Sunday that was our fixed breakfast menu. But today things have changed as now I am a mother of two kids. I have to come up with new distinct recipes for my kids.

Making pasta that too differently is also a challenge it’s not about mixing the ingredients only. Earlier I used to face many problems while coking them but after making note of some of the common mistakes which I encountered. I now feel happy that I can cook them well. I have come up with the list of the mistakes which I used to commit while making pasta. These are listed here as follows:

  • Use of small pot for Cooking process: 

This mistake can be really avoided simply by the use of a bigger pot rather than a smaller one. Once you put pasta in a small pot there is not enough cooking water.  Once you put pasta in less water it       immediately. That means the pasta will end up sitting in non-boiling water for a good amount of                 time, resulting in a spoiled one.Due to lack of enough starch to water ratio we may result in a sticky pasta. If you don’t use a big pot instead you break the noodles into smaller parts just to fit into the pot is   the biggest blunder committed by you. Beware out of ignorance don’t ever do this deliberately. Simply take a big pot and then cook the pasta into it with enough water. As pasta needs much more space to move around and come up with a good texture.

  • Skipping the salt addition to Water:

Big mistake is forget to add salt to the cooking water or adding pinch of it. Pasta won’t absorb salt so need not to worry as most of it will stay in the water. Just add it to make the surface of the pasta looks smooth and prevents it from being thinner.

  • Being impatient and adding pasta to cold water: 

Patience always payes off. Wait for water to boil and then put the pasta as otherwise it becomes sticky in texture. Once pasta is added the temperature of water comes down then stir in the pasta and let it boil.

  • Forget to stir the Pasta:

Don’t forget to continuously stir the pasta as otherwise they may stick together. Use a wooden spatula to stir it to avoid clumps.

  • Not cooking properly

Either under-cooking or overcooking are the great blunders done by us. Under-cooked one has the chance to cook again whereas the overcooked will certainly lead to a spoiled dish. So take a note of he proper cooking time and check the texture to see if you are doe.

  • Donot rinse the pasta with water

Don’t use the pasta to rinse the pasta once you cook it instead use a colander to drain off the excess water this is the best method to do so. As otherwise your flavors will also go off with the pasta.

  • Miss match of Pasta and the Sauce

Use right sauce with the pasta as otherwise you may land up with something bad in taste. Right combination of sauce flavors and pasta is very important. You must use thick sauces like an Alfredo which can go with thick pastas and jell well with e.g. fettuccine. Also chunky sauces go well with shorter pastas.

I would like to share with you all my favorite sauces which I use for pastas. Here you can go Knorr Alfredo Sauce and Mathastewart  Hollandaise Sauce.


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