What all to Keep in Mind While Making Fried Rice?

Fried Rice is basically prepared by shallow frying the steamed or boiled rice in oil or animal fat. Chinese were the first who introduced this method to the world, they used to preserve rice and mix it with leftovers for consuming them. Nowadays, various fried rice types are being enjoyed worldwide.
Many like me think that it’s very easy to make fried rice, simply cook rice and then in hot oil fry the rice and add the seasonings and herbs. Yes it’s not very tough but many other things should be kept in mind to get the best dish in front of you.

Last Sunday my sister visited us and was very keen to serve something good to us. So one night she tried to make the fried rice and you know what she ended up with a disaster. The look of the rice was not at all good and the taste was totally bad and rice was clattered with sticky and starchy at touch. Now it was my task to tell her wherever she had not done things well.

I am feeling like I am an expert in cooking fried rice now and can guide others. Reason being I often cook it at my home as my in-laws are mostly rice eaters, so we seldom make use of breads. It is there in our family tradition as my mom in law being from Asian background. I need to make different varieties of rice as nobody likes to eat plain rice every day. Out of all the fried rice recipes we generally make Delish Beef Fried Rice, EatingWell Korean Pork Fried Rice and last but not the least Knorr Chicken Fried Rice. These three recipes are being repeated thrice a week in my family. Out of all chicken fried rice is repeated twice a week reason being my husband is the ultimate lover and die hard eater of chicken recipes. He likes chicken in almost everything.

Let me continue where I was, I thought it’s better to help my sister with some of my cooking tips for making a perfect fried rice. I gave her the below pointers which are listed as below:

Opting for the right rice:

Opting for the right rice

Image Source: assets.kitchendaily.com

It’s always better to go for the right rice type which can be indicated from the type of the grain itself. As Jasmine rice and others are not good to touch these make your friend rice look sticky. It’s better to go for the Mexican rice as these maintain their texture even after the cooking process and you end up with a superb rice dish.

Always make rice ahead before it is fried:

Always make rice ahead before it is fried

Image Source: regalomanila.com

It’s a great tip to make the rice beforehand as it lets the steam go away and you are ready with a firm textured rice. It’s always better to use the leftover rice and keep it in the plastic bag in refrigerator, just to keep it fresh. Do make a note of it you need to loosen the rice before actually frying it.

Make sure the frying pan is at right temperature:

Make sure the frying pan is at right temperature

Image Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com

You need to be sure that the oil on the frying pan is hot and is equally distributed. Also the frying rice does need the ultimate heat source maintained at good temperature. It will help you to make sure that the rice grain is evenly and thoroughly cooked.

Keep on stirring/tossing:

Keep on stirring tossing

Image Source: taste.com.au

This frying of rice needs proper tossing to make sure that it is not burnt from anywhere as it may lead it to taste bad and spoil your whole effort. Make sure no rice is stuck at the pan bottom and all of the ingredients are mixed well. Do not suppress the rice grain with the spatula.

Some preparations need to be executed ahead of the actual cooking process and are listed as below:

  1. Whatever the meat type you are using be it ground beef, pork, and chicken. You need to cook the meat properly before cooking the fried rice as otherwise the liquid released from the meat will spoil your whole recipe.
  2. Cook the vegetables properly to make sure that the moisture released while cooking the vegetables doesn’t make your rice sticky and wet which can spoil your whole fried rice dish.
  3. Many ways are there to use eggs, you can first beat them and then can be cooked while frying rice it acts as a binding agent and both will get cooked consistently. Or else prepare the eggs separately and then add them later to the rice this also tastes good.
  4. Make sure right type of seasonings is added to your fried rice recipe. Take for example the soy sauce should be added in a manner that it reaches to the pan’s surface and moistens it properly and hence the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom.

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