My list of Mistakes While Making French Onion Soup

I have 4 years of experience in cooking soups, but every time I do encounter many mistakes in preparing them. Each and every soup recipe is different and I often forget at times the garnishing task and also use of one or two basic ingredients. Let me take you through some of the common mistakes which I could have avoided in my recent soup preparation i.e. French Onion Soup. This soup recipe is loved by everyone in my family especially my kids relish it. It’s actually quite comforting to everyone. It’s made with the combination of caramelized onion and rich broth made from beef, which is then topped with cheese.

Out of all the soup recipes this one needs patience and a lot of expertise. Have a look at some of the mistakes.

  • Not Making Use of Fresh Vegetables:
Not Making Use of Fresh Vegetables

This often happens with me I keep vegetables in store in fridge and I hardly get time to buy them twice or thrice a week. As such vegetables lose their freshness and often turn pale in color rather than the fresh green color especially the green leafy vegetables. If I use these over ripe vegetables in my French onion soup recipe it is obvious it affects its taste and quality. Also I make use of canned beef broth rather than making the broth at home which is not good. So try to skip these basic mistakes which we generally do not take into consideration.

  • Not Using a Good Pot:

Not Using a Good Pot

In hurry never ever go for the pots which are narrow in shape. Always go for the wider pots as these help you to deep sauté the onions as deeper ones help in better caramalization of onions hence letting the broth to evaporate properly.

  • Missing up the Garnish Process:

Missing up the Garnish Process

In hurry I do often skip the basic process of garnish as at times I am not ready with the garnishing items. French onion soup needs a garnish of cheese topped with bread or melted butter or cheese. At times I garnish it with any item of my own choice I mean whatever I feel is available. Never ever do this, take a note of all the recipe ingredients properly and make sure they are there in your kitchen store then only go for that recipe.

  • Not Going for the Right Choice of Cheese:

Not Going for the Right Choice of Cheese

Use of any time of cheese for French onion soup recipe is not recommended. Go for the ones which actually jell well with this soup recipe as I do believe the flavors should match and give you an appetizing taste and not a horrible one. Prefer to go for gruyere mac cheese or shredded Swiss cheese. It can help you get the best flavored soup served at your table.

  • Don’t Lose Patience While Making this Soup:

Don’t Lose Patience While Making this Soup

Time is the best factor which you need to keep in mind to make a mouthwatering soup. Actually to make this soup really a luxurious or warming one make sure you prepare it in sufficient time. As the caramalization of onions is a bit slow process and then making the broth also needs patience. You need to keep these things in mind before preparing it.

  • Improper caramalization of Onions:

Improper caramalization of Onions

Do not cook onions at high heat and do not take them off the burner very early. If you do any of these things then surely u land up with something not at all good. I mean if onions get spoiled it means whole recipe is undone. So it is recommended to give proper time and care to this process. You need to make sure you caramelize onions slowly and don’t hurry up please! Be patient and it may even take an hour of yours.

Now once you all are done with reading the above mistakes try to skip or avoid them the way I am going to do in future. It hence will surely save our time and efforts. While I was seeking solutions to my above listed mistakes which I encountered while making French onion soups; I came across some of its recipes here I am going to share two of them. Best part is that these two can be prepared in just 30 minutes (yes less than one hour). So soup lovers must be feeling happy aren’t you? One is from Knorr – 30 Minute French Onion Soup Recipe and other one is Cooking Mom 30 minute French Onion Soup Recipe .

Less Time Less Pain More Gain!


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