Made Life Easy With Readymade Food Products

Being a housewife and mother of two kids I have to be on my toes always. Be it managing the household tasks, cooking in kitchen, other shopping activities, spending quality time with my family.

In my daily routine I spend most of my time in kitchen as making breakfasts, packing tiffin’s, evening snacks and last but not the least serving dinner to my family. However spending enough time in kitchen really irritates me a lot at times.

Nobody at home likes to eat outside food that is there in our family tradition. Somehow we all hate the outside junk food just for many reasons which are hard to describe here.

It becomes important for me to manage the kitchen stock properly and look for the recipes which make use of readymade ingredients. Take for example many recipes, which make use of Alfredo Sauces, Hollandaise Sauces and many other mother sauces. Gone are those days when I used to make each of the sauces at home as I had enough patience and time.

Nowadays my focus is much on my kids so I lookout for those recipes which do not take much of the cooking time and are also tastier. In the end taste also matters to my family members. These are food critics and above all biggest picky eaters who look for scrumptious taste in every dish served to them.

So I looked for some of the recipes on my smartphone, which makes use of readymade ingredients. Few of these recipes I have shared here one by one.

Alfredo Topped Baked Potatoes:

Alfredo Topped Baked Potatoes uses Readymade Alfredo Sauce Mix

This recipe I found good and does not take much of my time as its method is quite an easy one. It’s made with baking potatoes, butter, white mushrooms, and frozen green peas. Its servings are for four and the photos and reviews seem good. Above all it makes use of Alfredo Sauce which is readily available from my nearby local store. I opted for Knorr Alfredo Sauce Mix as its reviews and ratings are good. Hence I was ready with my dish without much of the hustle and bustle; as there was no need to make the Alfredo sauce separately that is too tiring and painstaking. I kept 3-4 Knorr Alfredo Sauce packets in my kitchen store which I can use later in any of my Alfredo recipes.


Charles Phan’s pho ga Chicken noodle soup:

Chicken noodle soup recipes

I took this recipe from one of the news website. This chicken noodle soup recipe is quite good as these I often make at home. Many variant recipes are there for it. They make use of chicken stock, fish sauce and much more. Again here making the chicken stock was again a tiring process but I bought Knorr Chicken Stock and Campbells Kitchen Chicken Stock . Now I am happy I can use these readymade chicken stocks no need to go through the time consuming process of making chicken stock. These can help me to make any chicken soups easily without much of the painstaking process.

Mexican rice with chipotle pork & avocado salsa:

Mexican rice with chipotle pork &amp avocado salsa


Rice I often serve them in dinner. Yes I know these are quite heavy but in our family there is a tradition we take them that time only. Oh forgot to mention here; this Mexican rice recipe which I took from is somewhat easy to make as it can be made in just 20 minutes. The best part of this recipe is that it gives you an option to use readymade ingredients e.g Mexican rice. I choose here Knorr Mexican Rice and Center Cut Cook Mexican Rice  just to make the recipe task easy going.

These packets are easily available anywhere and you do not need to roam here and there in the shopping malls.

You know what heart in heart I am very happy as from now onwards I can make use of these readymade packets to make numerous delicious recipes and make everyone in my family happy. Above all what matters is the time which is much more important. Now I can spend quality time with my kids and leave behind the old methods of cooking. Thanks to Google, My Best Friend it helped to lookout these options. Now I am really feeling happy gone are those days when I used to sit in kitchen cooking cooking cooking for hours ! You also try these recipes and share your responses with me that is the main objective behind sharing this blog post with you all.


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