Undisclosed Benefits of Using Slow Cooker

During this chilly winter time, I really do prefer to sit near the heater, with a blanket and enjoy eating my favorite slow cooker, casseroles and soup recipes. I have been cooking from last 6 years and you can count my cooking experience from that time only. Since all these years I never tried to use any slow cooker recipe. I thought in this New Year 2015 why not to change my old cooking methods and try my hands on something new. So I did a lot of research work on the internet and came across the following advantages of using slow cookers. I found them quite fruitful may be you all must find them same.

The basic use of slow cooker is that you donot have to sit in front of it and keep watching till your meal is ready. Instead you are free to do your other tasks such as dropping kids to school, doing your other household chores like washing, cleaning etc. Till then your slow cooker must be busy in making your dish.

Oh please do not ever think these are the same old type cooking tools which were used earlier. These are latest cookers meeting the user requirements and time constraints. These are made with stainless steel and glass lids which can be easily fixed and removed. They come in varying sizes, styles with better heating control options. They can be handled by anyone who are just beginners who have hardly done any activity inside the kitchen.

Here are some of the benefits of using slow cooker:

  • Saves money. As its name itself defines that here you can prepare food by slow cooking it at a temperature for the time set. So if you do prefer to cook mostly non-vegetarian food, cooking this way will suit you perfectly. It lets cooking tougher meat parts like meat chunks, beef thighs, pork shoulders easily. The slow cooking of these meat types which are otherwise richest source of high fat content lets them cook in such a manner that the fat is almost skimmed out of the pot. Once you are done with your slow cooker recipe you can freeze them ahead of time before actually serving them. So don’t buy smaller meat packets instead go for family packs which are more economical.

Slowcooker Recipes

  • No time is wasted here. If your slow cooker recipe ingredients need a bit of peeling, chopping then best way out is during weekends do this work. Make a list of the ingredients used in the slow cooker recipe and then chop, peel and then store them in the freezer and later consume them every week day. So next time simply put all the ingredients in the slow cooker and let them cook on their own. This planning things ahead of time hence saves your time a lot.
  • Evenly spread the ingredients in the crock pot. Simply do not put more food into the slow cooker at once as it doesn’t cook food properly. It should be filled upto two thirds level.
  • Try different recipes with Slow cookers. Apart from making stews, soups you can also try other slow cooker recipes which are available online. This gives you a chance to increase usability of slow cookers and hence use them for various purpose. I found two of them here Knorr Slow Cooker Recipe and Chow Slow Cooker Recipe . Both these recipes are tried and tested I found them good and easy to cook on slow cooker.Evenly spread the ingredients in the crock pot. Simply do not put more food into the slow cooker at once as it doesn’t cook food properly. It should be filled upto two thirds level.

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