Blunders Committed While Cooking Beef Stew

The origin of stew was from ancient times. Earlier ancient people used to simply mix water into the flesh of animal and put them into the bone fire. As earlier due to lack of resources and off course facilities to avail them. People hardly used to get good quality of wood which was costlier so they used bones which burn very well. Hence using each and every part of the animal. Isn’t it startling?
To start with we can make stew of any meat like chicken etc.
Here I have come up with something different which we hardly get to read about; these are the mistakes which should be avoided while making beef stew.
Some goofups are it becomes too thin or thick; wrong selection of meat, veggies used sometimes remain uncooked etc.
Let’s go through each of them one by one:

Use of Meat which is not Precisely Cut:

Beef stew


Using the beef meat cut which is not precisely done. An improperly cut meat will not obviously break down the same way as other beef pieces hence it spoils your entire stew. This one remains dry and tight while other beef meat pieces are so soft it seems they will melt in your mouth. At the end everything should be technically right.

Let the Beef Meat Turn Brown Properly:

Beef Meat Turn Brown

Patience always pays off. Be patient here and let the beef meat cook on the stovetop slowly till it turns brown and then only make a beef stew. Once done you can put it into the slow cooker till all the natural juices come out of it and hence giving it a wonderful caramelized flavor.  Also take up the caramelized brown bits from the bottom of pot to make a stew richer in flavor.

Mixing Well the Ingredients Together:

Mixing Well the Ingredients

This is the biggest mistake which often remains unnoticed by many of us while cooking beef stew. Never ever add the veggies when you are almost done with your stewing process as it tends to make it a soup instead of a stew. It makes the veggies fall apart and also partially cooked. Choose veggies like herbs such as parsley, chives and tarragon etc. which make your dish delicious adding a unique tinge of taste.

Overcooking the Stew:

Overcooking the Stew

Do not ever overcook the stew as it can turn beef and veggies dry hence turning them into a lump of meat and nothing else. So let it cook only for 2- 3 hours so that the flavors can be passed into the deepest layers of beef meat hence making it taste scrumptious.

Do not Make it an Over thickened Stew:

Over thickened Stew

Don’t use potatoes as their starch unnecessarily thickens your stew. It is preferred to use bit of flour or cornstarch in it as otherwise the brown bits which are there at the bottom of the stew will obviously thicken them just to add deep flavor to it.

So next time when you start preparing your favorite beef stew recipe refrain yourself from committing these mistakes which can ruin your whole dish.

Note: The above images are the goofups which often happen while making beef stew recipe.

Try to make the ready made beef stew recipes from some popular brands. I have listed here choose any one of them as their recipe directions are simple. Choose either Knorr Beef Stew Recipe, Chow Beef Stew Recipe or Marthastewart Beef Stew recipe. Have a look at the following image your final dish should look like this one that you will simply love to eat.


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